Gifted Lives llc. is responsible for every detail from connecting the right act to the right venue and negotiating a financially-viable event contract, to managing transportation, to getting tickets sold, to making sure the stage and equipment is properly set up. Being a representative at Gifted Lives means focusing on the smallest to the largest details. 

Through all the project management and marketing activities, it’s also our responsibility to put together a budget and stick to it. This is where contract negotiations become so important, especially since some artists can ask for some pretty crazy stuff. At Gifted Lives we understand, you want a buzz-worthy sold out event where everyone has an amazing time. That's why it's our job to make sure that everyone has not only enjoyed themselves but all parties involved have profited from the event. With all the details and time of planning, promoting and executing a concert, you'll need a partner who understands financially where to spend and save on expenses.

At the center of it all it is making sure the artist(s) are taken care of. This doesn’t just mean stocking the green room with a musician’s favorite bottled water. It means making sure the venue is ready to provide the right environment for their type of performance. It means promoting and marketing the event to the right people so there’s a full house with an enthusiastic crowd.

​Connecting amazing artists to hot venues to create a successful event sounds awfully glamorous and exciting. It is. But it’s also a ton of work for anyone, along with having hundreds of tasks to get done, thousands of details to attend to, and a lot of egos to manage.

​There is one way to keep the process from a nightmare and into a successful dream, and that is teaming up with Gifted Lives' 25 years of concert experience.  We encourage and look forward to assisting with executing a successful event with you and your organization.

We Appreciate Your Interest,

Hudson Baxter, CEO

Gifted Lives LLC 


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